Curriculum vitae

KAE ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. (www.kaeepl.com)
KAE Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (KAEEPL) was promoted in 1980 under the stewardship of Mr.R.Krishnan who has a long experience in the field of Plastics (G.R.P/ FRP) Moulds & products. KAEEPL product range includes Navigational Buoys, Customer Specific Engineering Products, Shuttering Systems, Pre-cast Moulds, Rail Coach Components & Bathroom Modules. The organisation has streamlined its Quality Management System and implemented it successfully with the untiring efforts of its employees. The company successfully attained certification to ISO 9001: 2000 in August 2004.

CHAHER ART (www.chaher-art.com)
This website was designed for a client who is a creative Artist. He is expert in Face Painting, Body Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Mural Painting.

Peace Music Club (PMC) is a unique peacebuilding initiative by Col. VS Malik (Retd), Peter Ki, Andrew Luikang, John T.A., Soiba Francis, Kabi John and Alphonse Daniel (Collectively called the Founding Members). PMC is aimed at harnessing the musical talent of the youth of North East India to contribute to a peaceful society.
DELHI MUSIC SOCIETY (www.delhimusicsociety.net)
Delhi Music Society is a voluntary, non-profit organisation devoted to the dissemination and enjoyment of music, especially western classical music. It was registered under the Societies Act in 1953, with the primary objectives to promote and encourage music and dance, to arrange concerts and recitals by visiting and local artistes, to collaborate with other similar cultural organisations to encourage and develop among the musically inclined, an appreciation understanding of western classical music.
DELHI SCHOOL OF MUSIC (www.delhischoolofmusic.net)
The Delhi School of Music which was established by the Delhi Music Society, is currently the premier institution for the teaching of western classical music in the Capital. In fact it is probably the only non-profit institution of its kind in northern India. It caters to between 800 and 900 students annually, and provides instruction on musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute and recorder), singing and dance.

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